Bendigo Web Massage

fascia44-cropThe Bendigo web massage focuses on the bodies connective tissue fascia. By freezing the connective tissue, the fluids of the body are allowed to move resulting in more mobility around the joints and in the massage therapist being able to work the muscle more efficiently to reduce pain and muscle spasms. In the eastern tradition, one would say the flow of Chi or body energy, as well as the flow of blood and lymph. Only the connective tissue has direct contact with all parts of the body. Dehydrated fascia is like a dry sponge – rigid and inflexible. Benefits: relief from frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, neck pain, tight pelvic floor, and hip problems; improve mobility. Because of the five facial inter-connectivity and it’s relationship with the nervous system, one actually can experience I noticed the improved sense of well-being after this treatment.