After attending a Snow Lotus Seminar I knew this pure organic, highly authentic company was the right one for me to incorporate into my practice.

“Snow Lotus Aromatherapy offers genuine, authentic organic essential oils designed for use in clinical and home-care aromatherapy.
They offer:
• Over 90 organic essential oils, absolutes and hydrosols sourced directly
from artisan producers worldwide, all available for online purchase
• Over 90 essential oil blends for therapeutic, wellness and perfume purposes
• Detailed, accurate information on the botanical origin, cultivation method,
extraction method and certification status of each essential oil Snow Lotus Seminars with Peter Holmes and other instructors presents CEU seminars and longer courses for health-care professionals. These seminars present:
• The use of essential oils in energetic and Chinese medicine
• The use of essential oils, herbal remedies and nutrients in the treatment of
challenging but common disorders of the various body systems
• The use of essential oils with acupoints for acupuncturists and bodyworkers

For many years I had been searching for really high quality oils for my bodywork practice. After discovering Peter’s oils and seeing the results with their use, I knew then that my search was over.
— Andrea Trautwein CMT

Using the oils in my practice for just one week has been amazing. The oils do a lot of the work for me in guiding the treatment to the next stage of healing. They shift everything very quickly and profoundly to the next level. Thank-you for your good work.
— Bree Dellerson L.Ac.”