Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states. ~Carol Welch

Angel  has seen the results of her ongoing exercise groups in men and women growing stronger and more vigorous, maintaining better balance and improving posture over time.  As a breast cancer survivor, Angel has been interested for herself in rebuilding and sustaining upper body strength and flexibility.  The SmartBells routine addressed this need directly and effectively.  It also addresses a primary concern of her fellow massage therapists whose arms and shoulders get such an unrelenting workout.  SmartBells exercises are a kinesthetic benediction for the upper body.

In fact, Angel has grown increasingly more enthusiastic about the use of SmartBells for all her massage clients.  She has even used them with great satisfaction in an alternative-to-incarceration program with young women at risk.  Both the energetic nature of the workout and the team- and trust-building aspect of group play served the needs of these young women struggling with their emotional lives.  Besides the obvious values of an individual workout, says Angel, SmartBells brings people together to have fun and build a cooperative environment.

Angel’s work as a SmartBells trainer and massage therapist may well have had its beginnings in her childhood when she was trained in the rudiments of pottery by her mother.   The preparatory kneading and wedging of the clay and the subsequent shaping of the individual pieces themselves kept her hands active in a kind of motion not unlike the patient kneading of sore muscles or the engaged upper body dance with the SmartBells.   Read full article

Currently Angel is teaching Smart Bell class at Benidictine Hospital, Thursday mornings at 10:00 am.